Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 4 - Tier 2 & Beyond Http:// - This is the fourth video in the Ultimate Guide To Tiered Link Building video tutorial series. In the last few videos we have prepared and created the perfect tier 1 link profile. In this video I will show you How to export your tier 1 links and check them in bulk How to generate all the content for Tier 2 and 3 How to use the generated content for amazing results How to fully getup your tier 2 and 3 link profiles in 10 minutes Partial Transcript (full transcript on the biog) Hi guys and welcome to part 4 of my ultimate guide to tiered link building. In this video you're going to learn How to export a live list of your tier 1 links and check they are valid How to generate all the content we will need for tiers 2 and 3 in a couple of clicks How to use that content in the right way And finally how to set up your tier 2 and 3 campaigns in 10 minutes O so you can see that our project has pretty much completed here. One thing I want to show you before exporting the live links is the attention required column; these are submissions that have failed. So to retry any failed tasks you can just click on the project that you want, click on the task log, make sure completed items are excluded and then come over here and select all, right click and retry selected and that will retry all the failed tasks. So its up to you if you want to do that. To export the live links all we need to do is click on the task, right click, live link report, click on copy to clipboard and then make a note of them in a separate notepad file. And if you just go through all the tasks doing this you'll eventually end up with a big list of your tier 1 links. So I'm just going to pause the video while I do that. So now you should have a list of all of your live tier 1 burls and you need to save that somewhere. And you can see I've got it here, you also need to create another text file with your money site burls in it and what we are going to do is use Scrapebox to check the live links. So to do that for websites we need to open your burls for biog list we need to pick the live links text file. We can just have a look in here the your burls file, I built links to your domain.Dom and in the previous examples just to show you how this works. So this will probably be your money site in here. And here is the live links that we have just exported from Ultimate Demon. So I've anticked use proxies, make sure check links is checked here and press check links and you'll see a big long list of your live links and it's going to go out and look at every single one of these and check if your links to your two money sites or whatever you've linked to are still present. So loads this up hit start and I'll be back once it's finished. Once that's finished you can see all the links that it has found and the anchor texts and everything like that. So you need to clean this list up and remove any of the dead ones. So click export links and export all as excel and we are going to call it link tracker. O and then if we open up the link tracker that we've just exported. Hang on that's opened in my other window, there we go. Sort these a-z, expand the selection and we want to remove anything that isn't found. O, so we now have a final list of our live tier 1 links and we can use this list to begin building our tier 2 and tier 3 links. You should try to keep this spreadsheet kind of roughly organised and up to date. I always create tabs like this, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. And then I regularly export my links and add them to this spreadsheet here so I can keep track of all my tier 1 and tier 2 and tier 3 links that I have created. So now we have a live list of our tier 1 links we just need to generate the content for our tier 2 and tier 3 link campaigns. To do that I'm going to use a piece of software called seo google first page content Machine. I used to use Get Article Pro to do this but the developer has since abandoned it, content Machine just makes things really easy to do. So the first thing we need to do when you open the program is come into the scraper options here. Enter your Best Spinner AI details, choose best thesaurus and word amount 4 you can play with this is what I like to use you can also import proxies if you choose to but I don't need to for this example. content Machine essentially goes out and scrapes loads of content based on your keywords and spins it together so you can use it however you want. You can use 1, 2 or 3 keywords to scrape content for; I'm just going to use 1 in this example. 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